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  • Okay, pardon any incoherent babble – I’m battling a head cold.

    My client’s gotten through Podz’s tutorial on installing WP on his laptop. He’s downloaded the database, and made all the changes using SCR. He’s got xampp running, the whole nine.

    What we can’t figure out, is how to import the database into this locally hosted WP.

    (Bottom line – he wants a carbon copy of what’s live on the web, on his laptop, for taking to meetings, etc. where the internet isn’t available…)

    Any ideas?

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  • My copy of xampp was packaged with phpMyAdmin so you could use that for the restore.

    Additional resource:

    I think he tried that – but to no avail. Is there a step by step on doing that part? Podz’s and the Codex one don’t seem to touch on it when you’re taking it from a live site to your laptop/desktop via xampp or anything…

    I know it can be done, and that it should be easy enough… I just have never done it myself. They’ve gotten everything done up until it comes time to restore the database in the locally hosted version, and that’s it.

    Your client should pay us to tell him what to do…
    but restoring a backup in a DB online or in a local DB works in teh same way 🙂
    See the Codex about backup and restore.

    Wow. So if it were for me, you wouldn’t ask for money? I’m just trying to help him out, and was honest about it because well – I’m an honest person. If you’d prefer, I’d gladly have him come in here and post the question himself. Damn…

    I just wanted to help him with this so that when he goes somewhere without an internet connection, he can still use his site.


    Anyway – I’ve done plenty of moves from server to server on hosted sites… I’ve never done it in my machine. I don’t know where to tell him to go for restoring in the local DB… that’s all I’m asking.

    No need to make false assumptions or accusations. I’m not here to start some kind of debate with you either. I came here for help, as anyone else would’ve done. You don’t want to give it to me, that’s fine. Someone else will. I didn’t ask for your opinion on who should be asking what question and where.

    It should be as simple as open phpmyadmin at webhost -> export .sql file
    Open phpmyadmin locally -> import .sql file

    thanks sam – i’ll have him give it another go.
    it’s hard, since i’m not there in front of the machine myself. lol

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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