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  • I tried to installon my free Lycos Tripod account but go the message about appearing to be no wp-config.php file. I had put the necessary data in the wp-config.php file but Lycos say no database password is necessary. How do I handle that in modifying wp-config.php?

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  • If no database password is necessary (which is really really weird) just remove everything inside the password in wp-config.php but the quotes, like so :
    define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ”); // …and password

    Many thanks for replying. I did try that but I still get the no wp-config.php message!

    Moderator Matt Mullenweg



    Then you haven’t renamed wp-config.sample.php to wp-config.php.

    Yes I did rename it and also deleted copy of wp-config.sample.php from the directory. File wp-config.php is actually in directory as I can see it via FTP. I have also CHMODed files as instructed.
    I suspect that there is something a bit odd about the PHP set up of the free Lycos Tripod host.

    Yeah, make sure that wp-install and wp-config are in the same directory, and that you can really execute the php scripts (it’d blow up differently if you couldn’t).
    Worth dropping an email to Lycos people. Something sounds out of whack there. Especially no DB password — that’s REALLY unusual…

    Thanks everryone but I’ve now cracked it!
    From other posts on this forum, I realised that when using Winzip I had not extracted the folders. I did that and uploaded to Lycos. Changed and re-named the wp-config.sample.php file (actually I used the one I already had) and CHMODed where necessary. The wp–install.php file was then in wp-admin folder and not in root. Everything then set up without any problems. I hope this may help someone else.

    what is the link to your blog? id like to see what wordpress looks like on lycos tripod.

    My Lycos Tripod page is at
    (Sorry but I don’t know how to make that a direct link)
    I am really just trying out WordPress there; I don’t think that I would use Lycos Tripod free hosting for a serious site. The banners etc are too intrusive for me. Anyway, have a look. I only got the site working last night so there is not really much content.

    Wow, tripod has PHP now?
    *falls down in shock*

    Why not look at They’ve got free webhosting for 3 years, no strings.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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