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  • My question is fairly naive, so I guess there should be plenty of people out there able to answer it. As a student at my university I have a webpage where I would like to have a blog using WordPress, but I have some questions about how to install it. My URL is in the form of http://universityname/username and the folder where my index.html file is is in the form of /public/homepages/username/web/. I installed WordPress in this web/ directory (it is Red Hat, by the way) but wasn’t sure how to take it from there. The installation instructions say to have a database ready with login and password, but at this step I am already uncertain. All I have at this point is a empty generic webpage and would like to install WordPress. If MySQL and PHP are installed I should be able to do this I suppose. Can anyone give me some pointers? Thanks.

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  • You will first want to ensure that you have access to a MySQL database. WordPress will need that work. You can contact your system admin to see if they have the feature and will give you access to it.
    Then you want to make sure that you have PHP available. You can easily test this by creating a file called phpinfo.php and in it add something like:


    Now point your browser to that file and see if you get anything of value.
    Once you’ve gotten that squared away, you can use the username/password for the MySQL database and put it into the wp-config.php file and then you can follow WP’s installation instructions and go through the steps.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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