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  • While I have successfully installed the plug-in on our own website/blog, I’ve discovered—via an attempt to set-up the plug-in on a client’s website/blog—the app I generate via FB won’t allow me to point the profile ID to my client’s FB page. Instead, it points to my user profile. Does this mean each of my client’s must register with FB as a developer to generate their own FB apps in order to have the plug-in work on their sites? Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ted

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  • I end up having to get my client credentials to FB and go through the rigamarole of logging into their account while they are FOR SURE logged out of FB on all devices – otherwise FB throws a security red flag and shuts the whole account down because of logins from disparate IP addresses. THEN you have to apply for developer credentials from FB as your client. Once received, you can then friend yourself from your client’s account and add yourself as a dev to the app itself.

    Lots of fun. FB’s new plugin for WP is anything but intuitive and their instructions do not match the current iterations of the tools so it is all confusing as well.

    Unfortunately, FB’s foray into the WP space seems to have caused WP FB plugin devs to abandon their products. Understandable. FB is constantly changing their platform and rules, making it very difficult to keep up with.

    Thanks for the reply.
    Yes, I ended up having the client set themselves up as a FB web developer just to get the appropriate key, etc. Thankfully, I only have a couple clients wanting to connect their WP blogs to FB at this point in time.




    New to word press and starting to get the feel. Installed this plugin and went through and found the same issue only showing my personal pages. I am helping a friend configure a site and he would like to integrate FB as well.

    So I went and logged in under his account and registered for a developer account. Went smooth. He has a business page not a personal and I can not seem to locate create a new app when logged into his page. I see it under my personal page.

    How do I create the app and integrate it to a business page wall?




    I followed this link and it still does not allow me to specify the wall of a business page even with the proper ID, email address and/or liking the page.



    Problem solved. Basically because a business page has minimal permissions. It appears a business page from facebook’s perspective was to create a business page off of a personal page. Well, in the business world, business and personal are kept separate.

    So the problem was that I am managing a business page not ties to any personal pages and has it’s own unique email address for the log in.

    One has to like the page from a personal page and also have the email address not private but open to everyone. Got to the business page and add yourself, after you like the page, ad an administrator. Go back to your own personal page where you created the app and change the privacy setting back to the previous setting.

    Once I was added as an administrator on the business page, the plug in setting was able to take the page id and I was able to save all the settings with out any errors.

    But now, posts do not get posted to the facebook page, yet another hurtle. So I would say this post is closed but if you have any suggestions, see my other post here… Thanks!

    If you are the admin of the page you are trying to connect you will then see the option to add that particular page id in the plugin settings.

    If you do not see the page showing up in the plugin you are not considered the owner/admin of the page.

    So either have your client add you a a page manager/admin or login using your clients credentials and do it yourself.

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