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    Alright – back to my client again.
    I finally got them to start the switch to Linux, however the way the hosting company sets it up is that they give you a new, “provisional” IP address that’s set up with Linux hosting. You can build your site there, and when ready, they will point the domain (that’s currently on a Windows server, hence the switch) to the new IP for you – this way your old Windows hosted site can stay up and online while you build the new site on the other server.

    Here’s my question though…

    How do I do this using only one MySQL database (that already has posts in it) and where WP is already installed on the Windows site (in a subfolder), but I want it on the new one.

    – We will NOT be able to use the domain name until after the site is completely built. Will this cause problems later on, as the install HAS to be at an IP address right now?

    – I have just one MySQL database.

    – There are about a dozen posts (from when we tried to get this to work on the Windows server) that I really would rather not lose if possible. Worst case, I suppose I can stay up late and copy them over myself, but is that necessary?

    *whew* I so can’t wait to get this site finished…

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  • Let me also add – I’ve already tried to install WP on the IP address just using all the files that are up on the current install (on the windows server) and I’m getting:

    “The file you requested was not found on this Web site. Error – 404”

    (but I know it’s there…)

    The whole thing is quite complicated for me (which client isn’t, eh?) – but for “saving” the existing posts: can’t you just backup (export) the database and keep it safe to make sure that in the worse case scenario you can import it when the linux site is up?

    On a second thought: I’d ask the host how can I access the mysql database on the win server – with a script running from the linux server.

    “ask the host how can I access the mysql database on the win server – with a script running from the linux server”

    okay, my first reaction to that one is “huh?” LOL
    it’s the same database – it won’t change when the DNS changes. it’s a MySQL (not MS SQL) and apparantly is a “standalone” sort of thing. (example: instead of “localhost” there’s an IP address for it)

    the other issue here is that the client needs to be able to “populate” the site entirely before we switch DNS as well. so they’ll be posting and “page-ing” via the IP address – then once the site is complete, we’re going to point the domain name to the new IP address, and lose the windows server all together.

    If it’s not localhost – then it should work. I guess…
    My first thought was that maybe the original install is using “localhost” and that’s why the second install cannot access the DB.
    When do you get that 404 error? Also, keep in mind that the two URI values are stored in the DB (admin > Options) and they point to the original setup, while for the second one they should be changed to the IP address.
    What if you try to have a second install in the same DB with a different prefix?

    maybe i’ll try doing that – try installing with a different prefix.

    could it possibly be because the IP was only “created” 24 hrs ago?

    i got the 404 when i went to try to install… so i can’t even get to admin > options to change it to the IP address.

    maybe take it all out of there, and do a fresh install with a new prefix for the tables? worst case at that point will be copying posts over, right?

    and what happens when they actually DO make the DNS switch and point the actual domain name to the IP – will I have issues there?

    sorry to sound like a babbling idiot – this is stressing me right out… 🙁

    If that moment comes you can always go into the DB (hope you have phpMyadmin access) and change the two URI values directly in the DB. See Podz tutorial:

    thanks moshu – i’m going to try to do a fresh install with a new prefix and i’ll be back in a few…

    Okay – here goes…

    A fresh install with a new table prefix did it. This means I’ll have to go in and copy over the 12 posts myself, but that’s not a big deal.

    My only concern now is when the domain name gets pointed toward this new IP, are things going to get screwy??

    when that happens, you’ll want to go into the linux WP and just update the URI values to match the domain name to keep things pretty.

    Other than that, I can’t think of much to worry about.

    Thanks HS and Moshu for your help… I love you guys! 😀

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