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Installing On Addon Domain

  • Hi There

    I managed to install the latest version of WordPress on my addon domain since my hosting provider allows me to host 2 sites in the same plan.

    I managed to install wordpress in the root dir of my public_htm folder of my addon domain (say abc.com)

    Problem now is that although wordpress is properly intalled and configured, i can only access it at abc.olddomain.com and not n abc.com.
    Even though the wordpress is installed at the root of abc.com

    I tried using http://codex.wordpress.org/Giving_WordPress_Its_Own_Directory

    BUT when i change WordPress address (URL) and Blog URl, everything vanishes and i cant access my admin page any more.

    Do i need to configure permlinks first and then do something with my .htaccess file and then change these settings? I am a newbie at wordpress installations but ive tried looking around for my solution but cannot seem to understand what the reason is for my issue.

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

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  • Get your add-on domain working properly. Typically on a cPanel type hosting plan, an add-on domain will be in a sub-folder of public_html such as public_html/abc.com. That would be considered you web-root folder for abc.com. To test that the domain is properly setup put the script from Finding_Server_Info in that web-root folder and make sure you can browse to it.

    Then install WordPress in the web-root folder. So your directory structure would public_html/abc.com/wp-admin etc.

    Dear MichaelH
    Thanx for ur suggestion.

    Well i tried adding the server info file as u suggested into my root of abc.com (public_html/abc.com)

    ideally it should have show me the info at abc.com/testinfo.php but its not showing anything. infact its showing on abc. olddomain.com/testinfo.php

    even my blog is visible only on abc.olddomain.com and not on simply abc.com

    Should i check with my hosting provider as to why its creating a subdomain even when i add the testinfo file on abc.com’s root?

    I am quite lost as to what the problem could be.
    Will wait for ur kind reply.

    Thanx and Regards

    I believe an AddOn domain can be accessed as if it were a sub-domain of your ‘main’ domain.

    If your domain is not working correctly, then yes I would talk to hosting provider.

    Hi Michael

    I managed to check with my hosting provider and my addon domain was not properly configured. Since its been resolved i can see my blog at abc.com but the url for each post still show as http://abc.olddomain.com/?p=1

    I believe i need to change permlinks but i have not much idea abt them and also should i be changing WordPress address (URL) and Blog URl under settings as well or shud just changing permlinks to say abc.com/?p=1 shud do the trick?

    Can u pls guide me
    Thanx for all ur kind help

    Well your WordPress and Blog Address URL’s should be http://abc.com.

    After changing those values you should update your permalink structure.

    Just in case you have to manual fix those URLs:

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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