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  • do you have a virtual host point to in the webserver config ?

    I can run other HTML and PHP files from that URL… i haven’t tried complex pages. however, i am not able to execute index.php of the WP.

    what webserver? iis or apache? Did you change the wordpress settings to match up to the new directory? did you set it so that the virtual host uses read write and or execute permissions recursively?

    Its IIS with PHP support. I deleted the database and reconfigured from the subdomain. everything worked fine.
    The subdomain directory is given full access… rwx…

    Unfortunately I don’t know IIS that well.. Ive always been an apache girl. I know in apache a dir can have rwx, but the individual files may have rw or r… does the permission on the whatever.php file it errors on have the right permissions? is that file actually there uncorrupted? if you open the config file does it show the actual paths or the virutal paths? is the DNS updated to show the

    sorry if im not too much help.. with iis ive only used it once or twice.. but apache for years. all i know in iis is concepts 🙁 I guess about all i can do is throw ideas out on this one 🙁

    Its ok. 🙂

    DNS is updated to show and permissions are right, files are uncorrupted coz, i have tried atleast 3 times. i tried only once in it works fine. anyways, i think its some problem with subdomain configuration… I will check with my ISP.

    Thanks a ton!


    welks. good luck.. let us know how it gets fixed! you’ve definately get me wondering 🙂

    The subdomain setup assumes the folder mapped to the subdomain is the root. So the relative URI’s undergo a change. For instance “/blog…” in case the blog is in will become “/…etc” if it resides in the subdomain


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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