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  • How the heck does this thing load? I’m used to click and load for any mac program but this one opens like PC software. What up with dat?

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  • Check this out …

    WP is NOT a program, app, exe etc that one clicks and loads. It is a collection of files that provide a framework for a WP site. And you also need a database and database server, which are included in MAMP.

    Keep in mind that MAMP (or other local servers) are just that … local to your computer. Generally, one uses this setup to “play around”, test out plugins, themes, etc. For the live site that is available on the internet, the most common method is to create the site on a hosting account that you purchase, along with a domain name.

    WordPress isn’t Mac software, Windows software or Linux software that you can install on your Mac, Windows or Linux software like you would some accounting software. It is web site software and it can only be run on a web site. Which means that you can buy web hosting services from someone. Or you can run it just for yourself using XAMPP or MAMP. Which is described here:

    My server is Windows and I want to choose a host that works well on this server software. Can you suggest me one, please? Thank you

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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