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  • I have been creating a new theme for an old wordpress site.
    I have new menus, page structure and plugins which all have been edited and modified to work within this site. It’s now time to install it


    At the same time the old site has new blog posts, so I don’t want to do a straight transfer that would replace one with the other (I know how to do that and have done that before). I want to find a way to get everything moved over while keeping the new content.


    Please help!

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  • Krishna



    I want to find a way to get everything moved over while keeping the new content.

    Perhaps you need to follow this:

    Great… I followed all the instructions and did everything on that page but I’m missing the comments and the uploads from the old site.

    Well… I don’t think this truly answered my question, and now I don’t think there’s anything you can do for me, but I’ll ask anyway.

    I’m missing COMMENTS, POSTS and UPLOADS from the old site.

    I said I DIDN’T want to simply replace the old with the new (I already know how to do that).

    I wanted to merge the data from the two sites…
    Alas, I followed the instructions on the page you sent me and it looks like I simply overwrote the old site and the months of content I garnered while working on the new theme.




    You may try restoring from your database:

    Edit: For merging two databases, you may follow this link:

    Tutorial: How To Merge 2 WordPress Blogs

    No… restoring the database from the old site would be a bad idea. I’ve already installed the new site… putting an old database on new content would completely break it (I know, I’ve been there, too).

    You gotta be careful with what you suggest!

    Anyway, yes, a merge could work. Are you sure about this, though?
    I also found that post you provided a link to.
    It’s not exactly two blogs. In fact most of the content from the two sites is the same – except for the last two months.

    The trick should be that the comments, uploads and posts from those two months can be added to the new site.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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