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  • Hi I downloaded a theme from Alex’s great website, and wanted to know how to install a new theme, seems to be simply a new CSS file. Do i simply back up and overwrite the old one?

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  • Yup, if you don’t want the old one at all.
    Rename ‘style.css’ to ‘wp-layout.css’ then upload it, and any images to the WP directory.

    Take a look at and click on the Guestbook link…
    The background showed up in the wrong place and the whole thing is just HUGE
    Any suggestions?

    Ah… I think that stylesheet is more suited to a full display rather than a frame.
    I don’t use frames at all, so I guess you’ll have to play with individual sheets and the settings within them to get the result you desire.

    That didnt help at all, was it supposed to? Anyone here good with CSS? I really just need to line up the thing to the left and size to fit. Thanks 🙂

    oh damn, my inline frames are disabled and the site look crap.
    mate, think about accessibility and standards…

    Try taking the margin settings out of the #rap in the css ?

    my suggestions, although I give no guarantees 🙂 :
    try putting
    background-image: url(“bg.jpg”);
    background-position:top left;
    in your body tag to fix the bg position.
    adjust the size of your content id to squeeze your table into the frame.
    you can also try to narrow the gap between the left frame margin and the beginning of the text by reducing this pixel amount in your content id.
    those are just the ideas right off the top of my head. hope they help.

    Right now Im working on a no iframe site version, I think thats best to accomodate all browsers and OS. Thanks for the input!

    I’ve also downloaded a theme from Alex’s site. I’ve done as Podz says, but I still have the old (i.e. default) theme coming up! Does it take a while to take a effect or something??

    Press Ctrl +F5 and see 🙂

    So it does… *blush*

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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