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    Hi, I tried to installed multisite language switcher. I run a website, I created a folder /en and a folder /fr and installed an english version of wordpress in the /en folder and a french version of wordpress in the /fr folder. After I did that, I copied the entire folder multisite-language-switcher in the wp-content plugins folder of each wordpress. When I try to activate it I got this error message : multisite-language-switcher This plugin needs the activation of the multisite-feature for working properly. Please read this post if you don’t know the meaning. So I went to the post it directed me to :

    My question is do I really need to create a Network ? All I want is too have a bilingual wordpress website, surely there is an easy solution ? I tried qtranslate but it does not translate everything in the theme : see I can’t get bilingual text widget and also have problem with the “Leave comments” being in english on the french version of the site.

    Anyone has an easy and simple solution to create bilingual website with wordpress ?

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  • Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    If you want to use this plugin you must configure your WordPress installation in this way. But there are other ways to have a multilingual blog. Please have a look here:


    Hi Dennis, thank you for your anser but I read that already. I already tried qtranslate. The other solution numbered 1-3 and 4 do not seem to be quite right for my needs. I also looked at a paying solution : Maybe this would be the simplest.

    Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    Yes, WPML is maybe a better solution if you don’t want to set up a multisite.

    THank you, I will let you know if it’s good after I installed it. I most probably will opt for that.

    Can I create a newtork to use it with sub/folder and not sub-domain. For exemple setup the english site at and the french site at

    If that was a question, the answer is: Sure you can!
    Use the multisite feature in WordPress 3.0 (or higher). Just follow the instructions in the link that you posted above: Create a Network, before that give a look at Before You Create a Network and, if you want to know in advance something about administration, at Multisite Network Administration
    Happy networking!

    Thank you for your answer. The network solution is working great, I think it is the best solution for a multilingual website or blog.

    Hi, realloc I thought I’d re-open this thread because I have a question with the network multisite. I created a french site and created annetwork for the english version to be stored in a sub-directory /en.

    I like the network solution for bilingual site because I like the plugin multi site language switcher to navigate from one langage to the other, I think it is the best plugins and I also like the fact that we can manage both site in one wp admin.

    Now, I have a problem though. I created a site at and it is in french. I created a network multi-site and added a new site as a sub/directory at I want to copy the main site to the new site so that I can build the english from the exact replica of the french and not from scratch as it is right now. I already tried the plugin blog copier but as you can see from the image here :
    It does not let me use the root as the source blog to copy from.
    Do you know af a simple solution to do this, Surely there is a simple way, even if manual to copy the whole main site to a sub-directory. I have looked at the wordpress support for : but I don’t think this apply to multisite network. Can you help me ?

    Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    I’m not sure if I have fully understood the problem. The site is a part of your network Or is this just a network with these 2 sites: and

    It is just a network of these 2 sites. and

    the first one is the main french version of the site and the second one, I aim it to be the english version of the site. But I wish to copy the entire french (post, pages, menu, gallery, theme, styling CSS) in the english so that I do not need to start from scratch.

    Maybe I am not approaching this the right way ? I wanted to do a network so that we could use the multi-site language switcher has a plugin to go from the french to the english and vice versa and also I like the network solution because it enables us to do the updates and editing in one wordpress platform instead of 2 separates. But if it is too complicated to achieve the copy of the site, then I might do 2 seperates wordpress installation one at and the english one at

    Maybe then it will get simpler to copy one site to the other since the database won’t be mixed up so I could keep the same page ID and everything ? My page ID are in usage in my CSS of the menu so I hope they stay the same for the english.

    If you think I should do 2 seperate site not in a network, let me know and if you have an idea of the plugin I should use to navigate from one to another let me know too. I have heard about WPML as a plugin for milti-lingue website.

    Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    Hum, thank you for trying to help but in the FAQ section of that plugins it says :

    Why can’t I clone the main site?
    I chose not to because the main site can be slightly different in structure than a new network site. Therefore the plugin is not looking for the main site in the template selection. Make a new site manually first, edit it to your whishing (no domainmapping required), and use that site as a template to clone.

    So it brings me back to square 1 not being able to copy the main site.

    Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    OK, what about the normal export and then import that in your new blog?

    What about it, I never heard of that. I have been asking around in support forum for the past week and no one ever mentioned that. Normal export-import.

    Wow, I am going to try it. I guess this might be the way to go. I suppose I can later on import the theme and styling.

    I hope it will import the Gallery too.

    Plugin Author Dennis Ploetner


    For the import it will install another plugin but this is a small one and you can de-install it after that.

    Let me know if it works for you.

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