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  • Hi there, hoping you can help out a newbie to this stuff!

    I want to create four sections of my website that have different looks and functionality, and figure the best way is to just have four different installs of wordpress so i can install different themes etc. So my question is –

    1) How would I install another instance to a subdomain ie

    2) Is it possible to install to a page ie If so how would I do that and how would the backend work? Would I just login to


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  • What type of different functionality will the 4 sections have? The different look can be accomplished simply with custom page templates and some basic css.

    If you do 4 different installs in subdomains you will have 4 different databases and 4 different admin backends.

    There’s three options that you can use:

    1 – Set up 4 different WordPress installations

    This means a different installation in four different oflders. Which folders they need to go in will depend on how your hosting server sets up subdomains. This will mean that you have four separate sites, four separate admin areas and four separate administrator accounts. This may be useful if you want to keep everything completely separated, but it does create a lot more administration work.

    2 – Set up a single Network installation

    This is personally what I’d do in your situation. Creating a Network lets you have multiple sites all running from the same admin area, so everything is a easier to manage, and you can share a lot of resources.

    3 – Set up a single site and use templates and CSS to manage look and functionality

    This will be partly the simplest, because you have a single site and a single admin area, but it’s also more ocmplex because you’ll need to do a lot of work in the themes templating to get things working differently for each section/area.

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    Thanks for your help both of you. I’ve tried tweking different sections of my existing sites with custom templates etc and it’s just been a nightmare, I’d really like to just be able to use different themes, different widgets in the same areas , etc etc. @catacaustic I think your multisite suggestion looks perfect, thanks.

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    Ok update – turns out our hosts makes us upgrade our package to add additional sites if I want to set up subdomains. Can I set up the sites in subdirectories instead? It seems be be restricted as my site “is more than a month old”. Is there a workaround for this?

    Sub-folders are actually easier to do with a Network, mainly because there’s no extra DNS set up for the subdomains.

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    Oh wow yes that was much easier, thanks!

    Posting how to do it in case someone comes across this thread, as I found it difficult to find the solution online.

    If WP isn’t giving you the option to install to subdirectories, edit the following line in your wp-config file

    define(‘SUBDOMAIN_INSTALL’, true);

    change true to false and you’ll be able to choose subfolders when setting up a new site.

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