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  • Hello,

    I run my current blog through Blogger and am planning to migrate it over to WordPress, hosted through Bluehost.

    I’ve never set up WordPress before, so this may be an easy fix and I’m simply not aware of it yet, but I want to be able to install WP through Bluehost’s cPanel but not let it be viewable to anyone other than myself (and others that I allow).

    Reason being that I would like to set up the look of the new WP format and ensure that my blog migrated correctly. I’d like for my readers to have a clean transition period where one moment they see the old Blogger version, then the next the new WP version is up and fully formatted.

    How can I achieve this?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Anyone?

    Don’t bump, it’s only been 6 hours since you first asked.

    Try a maintenance mode plugin.

    My apologies, I’m used to more active communities than this appears to be (I admin another board).

    That plugin might work, but ideally, I’d like for my site to still be viewable at my domain while I work on the WP migration on the back-end. Setup is likely to take a little longer than just a few hours.

    You could setup a .htaccess deny and deny all access to it, other than any IP addresses you approve for access.


    Thanks. That might work, but how would I set up the directories in such a way to ensure everything is still working when I make the WP blog live after the initial setup?

    In other words, will it cause any headaches or broken references if I install WP to sub-directory, close off that directory to everyone but myself, and then take *all* of the WP files and information out of that sub-directory and into html_public when I’m ready for the site to be migrated and go live to the public?

    Additional question:

    I have a forum set up and a game application in development where user log-ins are (hopefully) going to be tied together. I’d like to include WordPress accounts in that as well, so that everyone has one universal login for commenting on the site, posting on the message board, and submitting their user-based entries for the site-based game.

    Under those circumstances, when installing WP, should I still have it automatically create a new database (since I already have one for the forums)?

    For the first question, if you install it in a subfolder and then move it, then you’ll have to fix your site/home URL when you move it, and may also have to fi posts content and such to recognize the new URL vs the old subfolder URL.

    For the second, I can’t say about the universal login, but regardless of how you’re planning on doing the login, having it automatically create a database won’t really affect it. You can proceed with that as you please.

    I see…so either way, there’s not really an option to have a completely clean transition by the public’s point of view (if I’m understanding correctly)?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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