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  • I’m getting this message

    CW Image Optimizer requires littleutils. You are missing: opt-png, opt-jpg, opt-gif.

    Obviously because I haven’t installed littleutils, but I’m not sure exactly how to install it, or where to put it.

    Is there a tutorial somewhere? Or Can I install it somehow using Cpanel?

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  • i would like to know as well please.

    Plugin Author Jacob Allred


    I don’t think it is something that can be installed using Cpanel.

    I’m working on tutorials for the major distributions of Linux (CentOS, Redhat, Ubuntu..), but they aren’t quite ready yet.

    Anyone who is familiar with compiling software on Linux should be able to easily install littleutils though. Basically you download package and run the following commands in the directory that has the littleutils-1.0.24.tar.bz2 file:

    1. tar jxvf littleutils-1.0.24.tar.bz2
    2. cd littleutils-1.0.24
    3. ./configure
    4. make
    5. make install
    6. make install-extra

    @zulugrid: Thanks. I’m switching from shared to dedicated tomorrow and will have root access and hopefully this will work.

    Plugin Author Jacob Allred


    The installation instructions have been updated to include step-by-step instructions for CentOS and Ubuntu. Hope this helps!

    @zulugrid, thanks for the excellent instructions here…

    …which I just completely followed; however, I’m running CentOS and am still receiving this error in WordPress:

    “CW Image Optimizer requires littleutils. You are missing: opt-png.”

    I was missing pngcrush. Once installed, opt-png correctly installed. My issue resolved.

    hmm I’m still getting the message CW Image Optimizer requires littleutils. You are missing: opt-png, opt-jpg, opt-gif.

    And when I try to bulk optimize I just get “example.jpg is not writable” with all file types. I installed littleutils and pngcrush installed. Anyone go through this?

    Made images writable (permissions on server), now im getting

    – Bad response from optimizer


    Warning: exec() has been disabled for security reasons in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/cw-image-optimizer/cw-image-optimizer.php on line 57

    over and over

    I can’t promise that the plugin author, Jacob Allread, can take on littleutils server install issues, but here’s a support thread on his blog wherein he was very helpful in supporting and improving his plugin code:

    Image optimizing WordPress plugin

    Plugin Author Jacob Allred


    Sorry gavinhamm, this plugin requires exec() in order to run opt-jpg/opt-gif/opt-png. You won’t be able to use this plugin without being able to use exec().

    Plugin Author Jacob Allred


    I’ve updated the plugin to check for exec(). It will now warn you if your PHP doesn’t have permissions to run exec().

    Can anyone show me how to install on Debian machine?

    Hello, I’m running my blog on a shared host so I was thinking about downloading it to my local Xampp server, optimize the images and then uploaded them back to my web server.

    Did anyone try installing littleutils on xampp? Can you post some instructions please? Thanks!

    Hummm, I tried activating the plug-in and got this error message: “CW Image Optimizer isn’t supported on your server. Unfortunately, the CW Image Optimizer plugin doesn’t work with WINNT.” too bad :\

    Very neat plugin, works like a charm on a test site.

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