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    I had tablepress running perfectly after running the import procedure from wp-tables reloaded several days ago when I first started using TablePress. Then today it said there was an update to TablePress so I installed the update, and the big red message came up saying I was still using wp-table reloaded tables, and they needed converting. This was a complete surprise because I had already converted them all succesfully when I first started using TablePress several days ago.

    So I tried converting them today, and all it did was mess my tables up, lose my custom CSS, and when I go back to TablePress it still says I have wp-table reloaded tables to convert.

    So basically i am screwed by this update I installed today and I cannot get rid of the red warning.

    Why did it think I had wp-tables “left over” when I clearly didn’t. Everything was working perfectly yesterday and now I am back to square one. I had a lot of tables with a lot of custom CSS, all in TablePress and now TablePress is telling me they are all wp-table reloaded tables…..

    I didn’t back-up today before doing the update because i thought it was just a small update of TablePress, nothing to do with wp-table reloaded, which I had stopped using several days before anyway.

    Holy crap, any advice what to do now, apart from “start again”, re-do all the custom CSS I had done?

    Not a happy bunny.

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  • I have sort of mended it. Somehow by installing the latest version of TablePress, it had automatically activated wp-table reloaded which I had previously deactivated.

    So I just went and deactivated we-table reloaded and things are looking better.

    The CSS is messed up but at least I can work, and not get messages about upgrading from wp-tables reloaded.

    I hope things are smoother from now on, and any more updates don’t do any crazy things.

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    thanks for your email, and sorry for the problems.

    I can assure you that TablePress did not re-activate WP-Table Reloaded! There’s no such code in TablePress, and TablePress has no reason to do that! You (or someone else with access to your site) must have activated WP-Table Reloaded again, probably by accident.

    Now, when WP-Table Reloaded is activated, TablePress thinks that you still want to do the migration, as both plugins can not be activate at the same time.
    You then did the migration again, which imported the WP-Table Reloaded tables again (but did not modify the already existing TablePress tables). It did however re-import your “Custom CSS” again, if the checkbox for this was checked, and has overwritten what you had there already.

    So, in summary, this happened because you somehow re-activated WP-Table Reloaded again.
    I therefore recommend that you uninstall WP-Table Reloaded completely, after you have everything set again in TablePress. Just keep a WP-Table Reloaded Dump File as a backup, and then click the “Uninstall” button on the “Plugin Options” screen of WP-Table Reloaded. That will remove all tables and settings from WP-Table Reloaded and deactivate it. After that, delete the plugin’s directory from the server.


    Maybe a ghost did it ….. I would have no reason to click on the activation button for wp-table reloaded, but yes, I will delete it entirely, so the ghost never interferes again 🙂

    Plugin Author TobiasBg



    yes, probably a ghost 🙂
    Sorry again, that this happened to you. I can only assure you that TablePress was not that ghost 🙂 It does not have any functions to activate another plugin.

    Best wishes,

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