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  • Hello.
    I am new to wordpress and like things so far. I am trying to install kubick (1.2.5) on my site running WP1.2, but when I drop kubrick in according to the install directions, links to CSS etc are broken and the page looses all structure.
    In the WP Admin Panel, I have my Blog address (URI) set to my site root (e.g. Interestingly, if I make the Blog address (URI) the WP subdirectory (, the kubrick layout appears (although with a few quirks). My goal however is to have the root of my site be the WP Blog address.
    Anyone have any success doing this? I thought it might be something with my .htaccess located in my site root (generated by the Permalinks page), but after recreating the .htaccess file from the permalinks page nothing changed.
    I’d appreciate any help.

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    Chris, I don’t have my blog running out of my root directory, but what I have done is created an index.php file in the root which redirects to my blog. So, goes to will that help? If so, I’ll post the code.

    Im guessing you may have put the files in the wrong place.
    They go in the wordpress directory (in your case the root), it sounds like youve made a wordpress directory and put them in there.

    Thanks for the quick replies.
    >>macmanx: I suppose I could just do a redirect as you did; I would just prefer to do it as I have it. I got the instructions to do this off the wordpress site. Basically, you just copy your index.php into your root directory, edit the root index.php file to point the include to the right place, and change your Blog URI in the WP admin panel. Must be incompatible with Kubrick (someone please prove me wrong).
    >>somefool: Maybe my explaination to macmanx applies here as well. I have the wordpress install in a wordpress subdirectory, and I put my kubrick files in this subdirectory. My wordpress file are all in, and it worked fine until installing Kubrick. The only files in my root dir are an .htaccess and an index.php (which as explained to macmanx is just a slightly-modified copy of the index.php for the wordpress subdirectory).
    Thanks again,

    macmax: you dont have to forward to the subdirectory if you have WP installed in one.
    Mine is within but my works anyway. i just have the index file outside of my /wp in the root and changed that line as a bove to require(‘./wp/wp-blog-header.php’);
    just so long as any manual urls you have in there allow of the extra directory (wp, wordpress, whatever) and you set it up properly in admin, IE put in the 2 different urls then its fine.
    instructions are here

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    Ah, well, I’d rather use the redirect since I plan to eventually have more than just a WP blog on my site. Basically, when I want to add more content, like a real index page for example, I’ll just delete my redirect page.

    Thanks so much guys. I got it working nice and as expected.
    This is the advice that helped me find the right spot to look:

    you then need to go through the kubrick index (root of your site) and make sure any urls are correct. So thatll be wordpress/images/

    The problem was that Kubrick was referencing “bloginfo(‘url’)” rather than “echo get_settings(‘siteurl’)” is many spots, and these plus a few small other fixes did the trick.
    Thanks infinitely for your guidance.

    no problem.
    pleased we could be of help
    any chance of the URL of your site now weve discussed it?

    sorry, that was me. forgot to log in

    “The problem was that Kubrick was referencing “bloginfo(‘url’)” rather than “echo get_settings(‘siteurl’)” is many spots, and these plus a few small other fixes did the trick.”

    ujohnc00, thanks for digging this up. I’ve never tested Kubrick with two seperate url’s, so I completely missed this. I’ll be sure to change it asap.

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