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  • I am not an experienced tech person, so please be gentle.

    I am the nominal webmaster of a group blog. We had been running on an older version of WordPress (pre 3.5). We could not upgrade because we were on MySQL 4. Last time I was in our host’s control panel, a pop up appeared allowing me to upgrade to version 5. I did and the blog immediately collapsed (Error 500). I tried a fresh auto-install of WordPress but no luck. Obviously I don’t have access now to the wp-admin dashboard to do a normal export.

    Our (cheap) hosts say there is nothing they can do to restore it.

    Have I lost 3 years’ of colleagues’ work, or can we reinstall from the database we have? Is this database compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

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  • The up-side is, I doubt you’ve lost anything from the database at this point, but frankly, if you’ve been operating for three years and don’t take regular database and file backups, and it’s only now become a consideration, well… let’s hope that’s not true.

    Something to check on before going further: It may be as simple as consulting the documentation in your hosts FAQ or support group for instructions on how to enable or switch to php5 support for your site. Then you can probably just run the upgrade routine, or at least do a manual upgrade.

    One caveat; depending on how old your version of WordPress was, you may have to do some incremental upgrading to get it back to normal.

    Assuming all of your content is still intact, my advice is to take a database backup and secure a couple of copies of it locally before you continue on, just as an insurance policy – on the assumption that there isn’t yet any issue with the existing database.

    [edit] it might be wise to use your ftp client to download a copy of at least, the /wp-content directory (if not the entire site) and store that as well.

    Do you have access to phpMyAdmin from the cPanel? This will give you access to the database where all the posts and all the other data is stored. A new WP installation probably created a new database, so that’s why you’re not seeing the old posts.

    Once you’re in phpMyAdmin, you’ll see multiple databases in the left sidebar. Your original blog is probably _wrd1 or _wrdp1. Click into that database and you’ll see the wp_posts table. All of your old posts should be inside this table. Before you do anything else, you should export the entire database to your local machine, so that you have a back up.

    Now we need to get those posts back into your blog. But first, let us know if you’ve made it this far.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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