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  • I’m using twentyten theme and have created the new child theme folder. However i can’t seem to install it or find it anywhere in the Dashboard area.

    It is currently residing in wp-content/themes/twentyten/twentyten-child.

    I am a complete beginner with WP, css and php but thankfully the gray matter still works and i am becoming more comfortable editing the scripts etc. once i’ve understood what they say/do :O)

    I would like to remove the right side-bar and search facility completely and make the pages the full width, how do i do that please?

    Finally, on my gallery link i want to have pages with different categories of images in, is there anyway i can import a table to keep the images tidy or can i convert an htm page instead? (where i’ve got to so far)

    Thanks in anticipation


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    Review Child_Themes.

    Yes, i followed the instructions in child themes but i can’t get it to show in my Dashboard/Themes section so can’t activate it:O(

    ALl you need to be able to activate the theme is style.css with the proper header for your theme name, the reference to twentyten, and the import rule or the full css from twentyten.

    Do you have that in a folder?

    Did you upload it to your themes directory?

    DOH!! I just uploaded it into wp_content/themes instead of into the twentyten theme folder… apologies, it now installs.

    What other files do i need to include to remove the right sidebar and make it so i can use the whole width of the page?

    and as per my original questions…i want to remove one of the ‘Archives’ and ‘Meta’ on the left side of the page (now updates with new theme

    ..or should i be asking in another thread (or..are the answers in Child_Themes??) :O)


    anybody please :O)

    Well i’ve resolved the page width problem :O)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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