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  • I built a WP site on one server and am now trying to move it over to another server. I created a backup of the MySQL database and all the files. I uploaded all the files via FTP no problem. I then created the database on the new server, imported the backup (successfully), and edited my config file to match. But all I get is a 500 server error. So I created another (empty)database, edited the config to match, and it works fine. But when I try to switch back to the first database it fails again.

    What am I doing wrong? What is it about full database that might not be working? Are there are setting, version numbers, or anything like that that might need editing?


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    Thanks. I deleted everything and started over going through those steps. I’ve got WP installed, the correct theme active, all the plugins are there, etc. So that’s good.

    But it still won’t connect to the database with all the existing posts, etc. in it. Connects fine to the new db I created for installation but when I either try changing to the full db or copying tables across, it gives me a 500.

    So, what does that mean? Could the db that won’t connect be a different and incompatible version, if such a thing exists? I’ve moved WordPress sites between servers before and never had this trouble and I’m at a bit of a loss.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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