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    Hello all,

    I am going to launch my new site which will use wordpress as cms.

    I want to keep my blog separate from main site, but in same domain. Can I install wordpress in my site’s sub directory?

    Main site: – Main wordpress installation
    Blog site: – WordPress installation in subdirectory

    Is it possible to install 2 wordpress like this?



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  • Yes, it is. Though the preferred approach is to have each WordPress in its own folder. With the one you want to appear when visitors type just your domain name set up as indicated here:


    Thanks for your information. I have checked the link, but I have some question.

    What will the URL of my blog?

    How the other urls will be created.



    If you choose to use two WordPress installations, one in subfolder /blog and the other subfolder /cms, whatever you specify in the Blog address (URL): field (see the documentation I referenced above) for each will be what you type (as a URL) to get to the blog. It sounds to me like you want to type in the field for the /cms installation, and for the /blog installation.

    The URLs for pages and posts will be determined by how (and if) you define the Permalinks for each WordPress installation.

    I’m not sure that you aren’t creating more grief for yourself than whatever you hope to gain by having two WordPress installations, as much of the automated menu creation mechanisms are based on a single WordPress installation. I’ve thought about it quite a bit and the only disadvantage I can think of, for sharing a single WordPress installation for both blog and CMS, is that you would have to limit yourself to a single Theme for both. Posts for the Blog and Pages for the CMS, except perhaps a Page for the Blog home page. The Blog home page could even use a different template than the CMS pages, if you wanted the structure to be different. I, for example, would probably had a sidebar on the Blog home page, but not on the rest of the CMS pages.

    Just a thought.


    Thank you very much for your help. I appreciate this.

    I am agree with your thoughts about 1 installation of wordpress, but my blog will be separate from my main site. Even the layout will be different.

    Thanks again.

    Just to be clear: you can have a different Layout for Pages v.s. Posts v.s. the single home page of your blog site because the Template files can be different for each. What I am asking is whether you can live with the same Theme for both the blog and main site. If so, you can have a single installation do both, and save yourself a lot of grief.

    The same Theme really means the same CSS file for both. And a sharing of the header.php and footer.php files. Though, with some careful php coding, you can even work around those commonalities.

    Yes, but my blog will totally different from my site. I know I can style my blog different than my site, by using same theme.

    But, these will be 2 different sites and may be I move the blog to a different domain.

    Thanks Again.

    I want to do this only so I can password protect an entire directory of content. That includes all the archives… etc. I can figure out no way to do this on a single install. So… if you know of one, adiant… please hook me up. The site is “” and I want a bunch of content in /padres to be private. (Links, archives, posts and pages. ) I actually really *want* to do shared login … but alas.

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