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  • I have one WordPress blog already installed in my shared hosting environment. I’d like to get another blog going that is idenpendent of the first and uses a different theme. So a completely seperate blog. Is this possible and what do I need for it?

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  • Have a look at Installing_Multiple_Blogs.

    I have successfully done this on my blog using a separate MySQL dB for the second one. The only problem I have encounter so far is that I can’t change the permalinks options to “Date and named based” because it messes my navigation when two pages have the same Page Slug. If you can create sub domains in your web host, this might not be a problem. If you install the second blog within the same domain, watch for that bit. If a moderator knows how to work around this bit please post link discussing it.

    All you need to do is install the second (3rd, 4th, 5th, etc.) blog in its own directory, then in the config file just set a different prefix for each blog…no problem using the same database. I’ve installed hundreds like this on one site using the same database without problems.

    Just for my own management purposes, once my database gets to around 1,000 — 1,200 tables, I start a new database.

    I don’t see why would that be a problem.
    First blog is in the root: – so the about Page would be
    The second blog is (must be!) in a subfolder: > page:
    then etc. etc.

    If you don’t have it like this then your install is NOT OK…

    Yep that’s exactly how I have it. The main site is the root (which is a blog) and the second one is in a folder inside that root.

    I have read the Install Another Blog several times. Several times. Before I try to start another blog, I want to make sure I am not destroying the first blog by overriding it.

    I will use the same database, I guess. I can see it in MySql php. (wow, did I have to learn a lot to do all of this.)

    My question is: to upload another WordPress installation folder, do I change the wp-config-sample file to blog2-config before I upload and install it?

    But the whole folder would still be called WordPress, however, and I can’t have 2 folders with the same name in my public html. Ekusteve says to put it in it’s “own directory.” Do I just make up a name for the whole WP folder? Put it inside the original WP folder? I don’t get where to put it in my public html.

    Sorry to be so dense here.

    Okay, I read somewhere how to create a new directory in my html public access, so I did that. It has the name of my 2nd blog. So I import the WP folder, but when do I change the name of the wp-config file?

    Yes, it’s me, 4 hours and still working on this.
    Blog2_config.php doesn’t work. WP error says it needs a wp_config. But directions tell me to change wp to something else.

    I am very unhappy about the whole WordPress experience.

    You may be unhappy – about how did they teach you to read in the grammar school…

    The instructions are clear:

    You change the table prefix IN the wp-config file, as described in the tutorial above – and you can never arbitrarily rename any WP core file. (You cannot rename a file in any script, for that matter)

    That was rude.

    I have 2 blogs with wordpress, one in the root and other inside a directory, like this:

    sometimes I have a rewrite problem accessing some pages in the second blog and it redirects to the blog in the root.. how to solve this? is any user experiencing the same problem?


    Nope. I have 5 WP installs on the same domain – each with its own htaccess file and different rewrite rules. They all work.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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