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[Resolved] Installing and using wordpress.org within wordpress.com

  • Please help me. A nonprofit, small local org. had a boy set up a website for them and he is now not able to continue with the project. I have been asked to maintain the site for them which I am willing to do free of charge. From what I can gather, he set up a blog site for them on wordpress.com using wordpress.org. I have done websites not blogs, and am feeling lost. I am amateur and mostly self taught, I normally use GoLive. I have read the instructions for the 5 minute install, but where on wordpress.com do I copy or upload the data. Do I upload the whole wordpress.org file? Please simple English, not code talk, or you will lose me.

    Thank you

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  • I should add that the boy has not turned over any admin rights to the site as of yet and I cannot start working on the site itself until that and other issues are resolved between the boy and the organization. So to practice I have started a blog site on wordpress.com in order to gain familiarity with it and also with wordpress.org

    From what you are saying, the website the boy set up isn’t hosted with a web host -but exists at an address like sitename.wordpress.com correct?

    If so, the boy signed up for an account at wordpress.com and took ownership of a subdomain on the wordpress.com domain where you get a free blog. The boy didn’t install anything. He just signed up and tweaked a free blog that WordPress.com generated.

    The WordPress famous 5 minute install doesn’t apply to a free blog on wordpress.com.

    It applies to installing it on a web server with a hosted domain supplied by an internet hosting company -or your own web server if you know how to set one up.

    I’ve written an article about How to Start using WordPress. It goes over all the pre-requisites to installing WordPress. Written in english, not code talk.

    If the non profit still want’s to use the sitename.wordpress.com site, the boy will indeed need to give up his admin password.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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