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[Resolved] Installing a theme in zip format

  • Hi there, maybe someone has my same problem or maybe I’m wrong.

    I installed WP 3.2 RC 2 on a sub-directory called “newtheme”, not directly on the root. On the root I already have a directory called “mytheme” with a previous version of WP.
    In “newtheme” installation I’m trying to upload a zip file with a theme called “mytheme”, but I can’t because WP says to me that a directory called “mytheme” already exists… I think he’s talking about the directory on the root, but it is a different installation, very strange as far as I know. Maybe a bug?

    The upload folder is the default one. Sorry for my bad english, I hope this explanation is quite clear 😉


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  • Look in your wp-content/themes folders for your subdirectory site, and double check that you DO NOT have a theme folder for mytheme in there. THAT is where it’s looking.

    Sorry, I forgot to say it. It was implied that I had already checked 😉

    Of course, there are no other theme folders with the same name… but thanks for the tip!


    Are you sure you’re in the admin for the new site then? There’s no reason it should be looking in your root install, unless you did something like copy root into the subfolder, and not clean it up right.

    Yes, I’m sure, “newtheme” installation runs WP 3.2, “mytheme” installation runs WP 3.1.

    And here are the messages:

    Unpacking the package…
    Installing the theme…
    Destination folder already exists. /domains/pixedelic.com/public_html/themes/delight/
    Theme install failed.

    I have a directory on my site called themes where I publish the WP themes I develop. “delight” is the name of the directory where I installed WP 3.1 and a theme I developed, called “delight”.
    Then I installed on another directory called:
    WP 3.2 RC 2. I wanted to test my theme called “delight” in this installation too, but I can upload it only by using a FTP client, because of the problem above.

    Just to be as clear as possible.

    WordPress should be installed in /domains/pixedelic.com/public_html/WORDPRESSSECONDSITE you see, and in THERE it should point to /domains/pixedelic.com/public_html/WORDPRESSSECONDSITE/wp-content/themes

    Whatever you have done to point themes at the public_html/themes/ folder is what’s doing this.

    Hi ipstenu… thanks for the tip, again. But if I make a downgrade of my version of WordPress and try to install the same theme with WP 3.1 everything is fine. So I don’t think the problem is my personal settings.

    Try this one, what you’re telling me is this: “I changed the behavior of WordPress and it doesn’t work with the newer version.”

    You’re telling your install to look in a DIFFERENT place for themes. Whatever that is MAY NOT be compatible with 3.2 🙂 This happens. I can only guess at what you did, mind you, so at this point, you’ll need to unravel the Gordian knot a bit and explain HOW you rejiggered WP to point to /themes instead of /wp-content/themes (.htaccess or what?) and THEN maybe we can sort out why your second site isn’t working right.

    I didn’t change the behavior of WordPress… why did you say that? I just installed many blogs on the same domain in a folder called themes.

    The theme works fine, I installed it by using an FTP client and I tried by uploading the zip on another WP 3.2 installation too (on the root, this time).

    Ok, I’ll investigate.

    Unpacking the package…
    Installing the theme…
    Destination folder already exists. /domains/pixedelic.com/public_html/themes/delight/
    Theme install failed.

    THAT error tells me you’re installing a theme into the wrong location.

    It’s supposed to go in /domains/pixedelic.com/public_html/themes/delight/wp-content/themes/

    It’s not. So something’s wrong.

    WP 3.2 does it, I don’t know why. This is the Gordian knot. I haven’t this problem with 3.1 or with 3.2 installed directly on the root, so I was wonder if it was a bug of the new version.

    I haven’t this problem with 3.1 or with 3.2 installed directly on the root

    Now that’s weirder! 😀

    Are you, perchance, running a multisite install on the root where you have the second site installed?

    No no, only single installations. I’ll test another domain on another server when I’ll find some time.

    Can you share what’s in your .htaccess for the site in the main folder?

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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