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  • Hey guys, currently i have a site built… a retailer site in which users can login to there account to purchase products and change shipping/billing info ( I need to create a separate page within this same site for the main retailers to view product (not available to public), but this page needs a completely different login and setup. I was instructed to install wordpress again within a subdirectory… (… so after being able to login to my main website, they can login again with completely different info for the /buyers link. Now my question is would i just do the 1 click install into this directory? or manually install it… Also, would i need to create another database since it will be installed within an existing wordpress installation?

    Got a little confused on how to go about this, thanks!

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  • Hi NB2785,

    Have a look at the documentation: Create A Network. It might just be what you are trying to do.


    Martin, seems almost what i was looking for, but it did not mention anything about having a separate login. When a customer visits ( they cannot view the links to the retailers section, it is accessible only thought a direct link given. So if a retailer would like, they can create an account on and a completely separate one at

    Plus my other issue is that the retailers portal must have its own wordpress login page so the company whom i am creating this for can have anyone login to the dashboard and edit content on the buyers area and have it completely separate from the previous site. I suggested this because it keeps users who log into the dashboard rescricted on what they can edit.

    This think the network would be a good idea? Or just installing wordpress a second time in a subdirectory?

    Also, the theme for the retailers page will be the same BUT content will be different (different menu links, no slider, etc.)

    Thanks for your help.

    haha, sorry about the typos.

    Hi NB2785,

    Creating a Network using the multisite feature sounds like what you need. Although it is only one installation of WordPress, each of the sites within the network will have separate administration pages with separate logins. Ever since multisite was integrated into the WordPress Core as of WordPress 3.0, it is the most efficient way to serve multiple sites within one installation.

    I’d highly recommend perusing the documentation; most, if not all of your questions are covered by each of the topics. You can definitely come back to this forum thread if you have followup questions and I’d be happy to answer them, assuming of course I have the answers :), otherwise there are many knowledgeable volunteers around that are also more than happy to assist.

    Good luck!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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