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    Hey all,
    I am taking an existing wordpress installation to a new domain and database with different settings. I set my wp-config.php file information exactly what my hosting site information that was provided to me. It creates a whole new blog without showing anything from my existing blog, still the same version but none of my posts are there… or the old blog title. I had a heck of a time getting the wp-config file settings right at first-hand, now its getting it to not create a whole new blog. Help!, thanks in advance!.

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  • Your Dad


    The problem is I didnt think before I closed my old blog down. I backed up everything from the database and it has remained untouched on my computer’s HD until now. I tried changing the wp-config.php file to the settings of my new blog and just uploaded it from there, but it still creates a whole new blog everytime i upload the files and I cant find any of my older posts. Sooo I’m lost, any ideas? thanks in advance.




    your posts and whatnot arent stored in files, theyre in the database. if you backed up the database, you need to import that content into your new database.

    ive seen a few cases of people that got the mysql flat files rather than actual database dumps before moving. If thats the case, you’ll have files like this,


    those arent dumps…

    I just did this today and it worked fine. I just had to go into the database though and directly edit a couple of things there that referred back to the old site because I wasn’t able to login to the admin. It kept redirecting back to the admin on the old site.

    But if you copy the database exactly as is to a new site and you’re using the same version of WP, etc. it should work.


    can you tell me what exactly what you needed to edit in the database? I am having the ssame problem.

    describe the problem you are having exactly as this is an old thread

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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