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  • my 1st post here…

    I do 99% of my own maintenance, updates and more to the my site.

    I did not install the theme I am using. Though, in using it 3 years I have learned where to set any fields.

    i want to look at some new themes with my database so I can see how it displays the products I sell.

    I know this may sound dumb

    I looked at a few youtube videos and it seems easy to import themes and open theme. I thought new themes would use the plugins I already installed.

    I see in the videos the host says to make sure you install the recommended plugins.

    Does each theme require its own set of plugins that are then written to it’s own database?

    So I can view and play with any theme and delete them without affecting my current site?


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  • I get bored easily so I don’t watch How-To videos from Youtube. They just go on and on and on. Most of them are self-serving and miss the salient points in favor of a repeat of everything they’ve heard before. Last one I tried to watch was 30+ seconds of a graphics and then a guy rattling on and on about the video instead of launching into what he was supposed to try to cover.

    Anyway, you can preview the new theme before you install it. Results vary but you’ll usually get a good idea of what the site will look like. I just did that with the new 20 20 theme just to look at it. I didn’t see any sidebar for my widgets so I stopped that right quick.

    Plugins should usually work across the board for almost any theme. There are themes that require certain plugins, usually alongside the plugins you’ve already installed, but a theme requiring specific plugins? that’s not the norm. In my experience that’s usually a premium theme that is targeted at a very narrow use and specific tasks.

    The database is mostly for WordPress itself… WordPress stores almost everything it needs there that’s not in the config file.

    If you’ll do a good, complete backup then you’ll have a recovery track back to what you had before if you decide a newly installed theme doesn’t suit your purposes!

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