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  • I know, I know, feel free to snicker at my naivete — I’m trying to install my 2nd WP site and have no idea how. I’m getting completely hung up on the vernacular throughout all of the help/tutorials/etc. Do I really have to edit my database (gasp)? I’ve found multiple threads on what I *think* I am asking, but again, due to the terminology I’m not completely sure.

    When I installed site 1, I admittedly had no idea what I was doing–just hit “quick launch” and it all appeared. I’m even embarrassed to admit that I don’t even know where the heck all my database files are located. I did download WP to my local machine, however, I launched and installed via Hostgator, so….yeah. Ignorance is bliss, until now.

    If anyone wants to take the time to dumb down how to do this for me (or point me to an easy-to-understand resource) I’d be so grateful!

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  • This should be helpful
    The fact that it is your 2nd site should make no difference (assuming the two run separately)

    Do I really have to edit my database (gasp)

    No. You haven’t said where you want to install this second site but I can assure you that no database editing will be involved.

    Thank you.

    I’m having someone help me (albeit via Facebook, so it’s a bit tricky), but she is advising that all I need to do is go into my cPanel (Hostgator) and select “AddOn Domain” and select a password.

    Is it as simple as that?

    Thats correct assuming you want to have a new domain name (and this won’t install wordpress for you, it will just setup the domain)

    Thanks Tom! I’ve done this and have set my nameservers so hopefully that’s all it takes. Should know in an hour or so, fingers crossed.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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