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  • Hi, I’ll try and keep this to the point:

    1. I downloaded a theme from Elegant themes
    2. I’m set up with Gator Host and installed WP on it, and then I was sent an email saying my installation was ready and that I can access it at my site ( They gave me a new username and password.

    3. So I know I’m supposed to go to my dashboard, and look up under Appearance and then Themes, to upload and install my Elegant Theme’s theme, but I can’t see this option.

    I think I am supposed to sign in to my wordpress with the new username and password supplied by Gator Host but I’m not sure how to do that.

    Any help is appreciated,

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  • It looks like you’ve setup a blog (as opposed to loading the self hosted software from websites don’t allow you to upload your own themes. You can read about the differences between the two platforms here…

    Any other questions regarding will need to be posted in the forums,

    Hi ahortin. yes I’m aware of the 2 different wordpress sites and their differences. I inititially downloaded the free (non customizing one) as I thought that is what I wanted.

    But then I decided to get a customized theme and then web hosting, and I assumed that the wordpress I downloaded today from my web hosting site was version. Doesn’t really make sense to offer the other one? Anyways I did a quick install from Gator Host but since I’m having difficulty I might try and delete that and use Fantastico (again from same web host)

    Ok if anybody is listening out there….I deleted my WP files on my computer and from my web host. I also deleted my cache and cookies.

    Then I went back to my web host and downloaded (new installation) of wordpress using Fantastico. Exactly the instructions that gives. Anyways my webhost sent me this:

    An instance of WordPress was installed on
    Full installation path: /home/bbeau/public_html
    Public URL:
    Admin URL:
    Username: *******
    Password: *********
    MySQL database: bbeau_wrdp2
    MySQL user: bbeau_wrdp2
    Time of installation: Saturday, 14th April, 2012 @ 08:08:26 PM
    DO NOT REMOVE the file named fantastico_fileslist.txt from the installation directory. It is used for uninstalling this application.

    Anyways I still can’t login using this new info.

    I am just about ready to throw in the towel.

    Is this because I registered my domain name as when I signed up for webhosting and not

    Because when I go to download WP using Fantastico, my default “domain to install” that I can’t change is

    Is this because I registered my domain name as when I signed up for webhosting and not provide free wordpress services. When you need to using self-hosted wordpress, you need to buy a domain, not using your blog address on

    yes, it is because you are using when register on gator host.

    Thank you very much blacklizt!

    your welcome.

    hey friends..
    i have installed wp on wamp server.i am faceing problems in installing theme…whenever i try to install new theme it tries to download it and then gives “fatal error”..

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