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  1. ddelonzor
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I hope this isn't too long-winded...

    I've created a website, http://www.neverbelateagain.com, and loaded WordPress files on my ISP's server (1and1.com). I worked with three different techs at 1and1 to figure out where to put the WordPress folder/files (root directory? subdirectory? etc.). Now http://www.neverbelateagain.com is working but my blog is not. BTW, the techs have me using http://blog.neverbelateagain.com

    While I have several websites, I'm focusing on http://www.neverbelateagain.com right now. I want to install the blog in a way that will help optimize search engine rankings (although I realize content is most important). My second priority is to do the same for http://www.50WaystoSaveOurAnimals.com.

    To give you an idea of how things are set up, my FileZilla server side screen looks like this:

    > dianadelonzor.com

    > logs

    > neverbelateagain.com
    ^ blog (this has the wordpress files in it)
    ^ public_html (this has the neverbelateagain files in it.
    ? aspnet_client
    ? docs
    ? images

    > postmadison

    > postmadisonmarketing

    Also, under the Control Panel, Destinations, the 1and1 techs had me set things up the following way for neverbelateagain.com:

    Current directory: /neverbelateagain.com/public_html

    Home directory: Existing directory

    Existing directory: /neverbelateagain.com/public_html

    As I mentioned, I'm only concerned with setting things up to optimize search engine rankings for the http://www.neverbelateagain.com blog right now. My second priority is to do the same for http://www.50WaystoSaveOurAnimals.com. I've read that, to have the best search engine rankings for http://www.neverbelateagain.com, I should load the WordPress files on the root directory. But in doing so, I don't know if this will screw things up when I start working on 50WaystoSaveOurAnimals.

    I'm also interested in establishing a relationship with a person who can help strategize and implement the technical aspects of social media strategies. I am a marketing consultant and would like to begin offering social media to my clients. While I do want to accomplish this particular blog setup myself so that I'll understand things, I don't want to do this for clients - I'd rather hire someone.


  2. fonglh
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Your internal directory structure is irrelevant to SEO. What matters (to some extent) is what the URL looks like. You should be able to map domain names to any subfolder you want in your hosting account.

    To hire someone, please post on http://jobs.wordpress.net

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