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  • I installed via hostgators one click in cpanel. I have a home page up thats outside wordpress. I just wanted wordpress to be adjacent to my site…but today I have made a post to the blog and when I try to see it it goes to my sites homepage. I have an index.htm and an index.php.

    When I try to see a blog post, all I can see is my home page…index.htm.

    Where have I gone wrong? Any help appreciated

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  • if you want to see the homepage of your blog you have to find it like this:

    www yourdomain com/index.php

    your server is pulling index.htm as default and that is why when you go to your site

    www yourdomain com

    you will see index.htm

    if you have a website outside of WP you might be better off installing WP in a folder instead of at the site root

    Hi Stvwlf….how do I do this? Do you have a guide to help me or is there anything in the hostgator or WP FAQs for this? What if I just delete index.htm. will wordpress then show at index.php as a default?

    The first posters idea didnt work BTW




    There is a setting on a web server (i.e. DirectoryIndex on Apache 2) that determines which file is served first. If your server is setup to allow it, you can modify the order in an .htaccess file. However, be careful, because you could inadvertently change something you don’t mean to when you edit config files, and editing .htaccess files that use mod_rewrite can get a bit tricky at times. ALWAYS make a backup before you try anything. For example, when I added DirectoryIndex index.htm index.php to the top of my .htaccess file, it didn’t work for me at first because there’s another rule that always redirects back to because I don’t like to see the index.php in the URL.

    To answer your 2nd question, if you delete index.htm (or name it something else), then you should see index.php as a default.

    I think stvwlf is right, you might consider moving the WordPress to a folder called /blog/ or something similar. It will probably cause less troubles for you. But, moving the WordPress folder takes some special care, however. Here’s a guide from the WordPress documentation that should help:
    Moving WordPress Within Your Site

    Good luck!

    Hi Design simply

    I did as requested in the “Moving WordPress Within Your Site” and moved everything to a new directory called blog.

    Now I can see the index.htm page but I cant log into anything to do with the blog.

    Im a bit lost here as this is my first time with wordpress and Im not sure what Im doing wrong.

    Should the blog folder be in the Public_html folder instead of the root? (I assume that the root folder is the one marked simply with a “/”)

    Hope you can help




    The public_html is the DocumentRoot, so the blog folder should be inside the public_html folder. Anything before the public_html folder would probably be considered your web hosting account root directory. You want to put your WordPress /blog/ folder in the DocumentRoot, not your account root.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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