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    Hi There,

    I’m new to WordPress and have installed it onto I have installed a theme correctly, and everything appears to be fine, but the theme is not being applied to the homepage. It seems like my domain is disconnected from WordPress. Is there anyone who can help? I feel like it’s a small disconnect that is an easy fix.


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    Hi evelynan, exactly what portion of the website were you planning to implement with WordPress? The “blog” section or the whole site? Please clarify so we may assist you.

    As it is, I checked out your main site and it looks like was created with HTML template. Meanwhile renders a 404.

    Sorry for the incomplete information. That’s probably more because of my inexperience.

    3 months ago I was ready to build a site and I was thinking of using WordPress for the blog page and then use the rest of the site as HTML. I was having difficulty with this, so I then decided to just use WordPress for the entire site. 3 months passed with zero work done as I was busy with other things. I came back last night to start, found some problems, uninstalled WordPress and Reinstalled it, and now I’m trying to essentially start from square one.

    Ideally, I would be able to use the WordPress theme across the entire site, but at the same time only use WordPress for the blog page, and run the rest of the pages on the site “manually”, meaning as HTML pages. But again, my first priority would be to have the same WordPress theme display across all pages. If that cannot happen, then I will be fine using WordPress to manage the entire website.

    So going back to my original post, I reinstalled WordPress, and have the theme I want installed correctly. However, I can’t seem to find the connection between WordPress and my domain,

    Thanks again,



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    Ideally, I would be able to use the WordPress theme across the entire site

    Yes, you can. Create a Page > Add New – Home, and Page > Add New – Blog. So you’ve got two Pages now. Go to Settings > Reading = Reading Settings Panel.
    Set “Front Page Displays to” – Static Page.
    Then below that Choose newly created Page, “Home”, as Front Page and newly created Page, “Blog”, as Posts Page.
    You can then static information via Admin > Pages > Add New.
    While Blogs posted are entered via Admin > Posts > Add New

    I reinstalled WordPress

    Where did you reinstall WordPress – in root folder or in /blog/ subfolder?
    You said you uploaded a theme already – via FTP or via Admin auto installer?

    I installed the theme through WordPress.

    WordPress is installed in my public_html directory.

    What do I need to do to get my domain to show WordPress? Do I need some sort of an index.html file somewhere to point to it? Do I need to change a directory? Is there something in the WordPress Admin that I can do this?

    I did what mercime mentioned about creating pages, but I can’t see those pages, because is displaying some index.html file that I created 3 months ago and may have even deleted at this point.



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    index.html file that I created 3 months ago and may have even deleted at this point

    The index.html is still there. If you have access via cpanel or FTP, download that index.html to your computer for file copy, then delete the index.html in webhost/server. So if you uploaded your WordPress files and folders correctly (without the WordPress main folder) you will see your WordPress site.

    Rename the index.html or index.htm to index.html.old

    Every thing else will work fine

    by the way, i think the style.css file is missing.
    Download the template extract and upload to wp-content/theme/
    over write the old will work

    Rename the index.html or index.htm to index.html.old

    Every thing else will work fine

    That did it, thanks! I knew it wasn’t hard, it was just dumb…

    thanks @ mercime

    That was help ful to me

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    Can’t you also create a home.php file that will automatically render as a static home page? I tried that on my blog . The only problem I have with that is once you set the static home page in admin, it creates two global navigation links pointing to the same page, is there any way to not have that?


    Hey guys and gals,

    I have the same problem as above. The code is prefect for index file but the website is still not functioning with hompage. Instead there is an index displaying. I took the advice Evelynan took.

    But couldn’t change it to index.html.old . So instead index.php.old but now there is a whole new problem with the wordpress file disappearing completely and being replaced with a wordpress index…

    I would like the wordpress to display on

    Thanks x

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