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    I finally gave in and installed Yoast SEO about a month ago, in order to work on improving my copy.

    Following this

    – My website dropped from the third position in results for its typical search to the bottom of the first page.

    – Google reads the site title from what it looked like back in 2004 before I optimised it for search, not featuring the keyword at the very beginning, like it used to be.

    This resulted in my visitors dropping to half of what I used to have and I am confused. The <title> tag displays the optimised title, so I have no idea why Google sees it as something else.

    I was previously using HeadSpace, if that matters, and I had to drop it because of a JavaScript conflict.

    Is there a way to solve this issue with Yoast SEO, or should I revert to the other plugin? I would – obviously – prefer the earlier.

    Thank you so much!

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    Do I need to provide any more information? Or is this a Google and not Yoast SEO issue? Thank you.



    Just to clarify – I am not a spammer, I do not use any irregular practices, my website had its title displayed right, pulled from the <title> tag for nine years prior to this month when I installed the plugin. The said title is in no way manipulative or unethical.

    On the Settings > General page, I’ve had the same title since 2007.

    On the SEO > Titles & Metas – Yoast SEO > Homepage, I have %%sitename%% written.



    And since I cannot edit the OP:

    – The website is

    – The common Google search is “frusciante” or “john frusciante”

    – The title displayed definitely has nothing to do with DMOZ, that one was my mistake and I apologise:

    – The titles of all pages other than the homepage show correctly when I search on Google. It’s only the homepage that has issues.

    – I am currently not using homepage.php or front-page.php. It’s just index.php since the front page functions like a blog. If this needs to be changed, I can do it in a matter of minutes.

    – When I view source, the following is shown:

    – General settings:

    – Title tag in header.php:

    – New WordPress title display function in functions.php

    – I have W3 Total Cache installed, running in its most basic mode as the server does not support all that much.

    Hope this is sufficient information. I’m immensely grateful to whoever was talking to me on Twitter earlier today and sorry that I told the serial retweeter off in their presence.

    And I most certainly like the plugin otherwise!

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    Recap: Homepage title is John Frusciante unofficial – Invisible Movement. Google shows Invisible Movement: John Frusciante unofficial You would like Google to show the title you created, correct?

    Ultimately Google will, as you have seen, make the final decision on what they show in their search results. You may see a different title for all sorts of reasons. This article on why Google wont show the right page titles tries to explain it.

    Due to this being handled on Google’s end, there is little you can do to force Google to display the preferred title. The best advice I can provide, unfortunately, is to write a better title. This article provides advice on crafting good titles for SEO.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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