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[Resolved] installed Plugin wont upload or activate

  • I used fantastico on my cpanel to install wordpress 2.6 provided by my webhost, and I installed and uploaded a plugin (wp-o-matic) to my wp_content>plugins, but It doesnt show anywhere in my sites plugin management that I uploaded it or that I can activate it….is it becuase I didn’t install wordpress manually? What am I doing wrong? Thank you

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  • Video tutorial on how to properly upload plugins:


    Thanks for the link, but both the videos in the link stop after about 30 secs…

    no they dont – thats an issue with you, your browser, your ISP (aol) or a combination thereof.

    Ok, cool, I finally got the link to work, and the video was great! I can’t believe it took so long to find the solution for the plugin to work! Thank you. One more thing though, why when I click the link to setup and configure my wordpress plugin(wp-o-matic)does it give me a white screen that says, “Please switch to Firefox/Safari.” Whys it asking for those, is there a way around that switch? Should I switch to one, or is it not worth it? Thanks

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