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  • Sooo. To give ya a run down of my setup. I am using Flexibility 3 theme and I have wordpress multisite running an autoblog network powered by wp-robot content creator. I havent been able to get flexbility to add adsense ads to my automated posts so ive been having to use an external plugin (google adsense and hotel booking). I have wanted to make it easier to create my autoblogs in my network so i was looking for something to be able to automate the creation process by duplicating my main or template blog and copying all the setting over. I decided to use the plugin “default blog”. I configured default blog and decided to make a new autoblog about car insurance. When the blog didn’t come out how I wanted I deleted the blog. A couple minutes later I went to check on my only other blog in the network, which is an android app blog. I then noticed all my adsense ads had changed from their relevant android content to insurance related ads. I cant figure out how to change my ads on my android app blog back to android app relevant ads. Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling basically all my plugins, including the wp-robot and my adsense intergration plugin. Im really stuck on this. If you have any idea on how I can correct this I would really appreciate it. I apologize if my description is confusing.

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