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  • I was wondering how this works, as I’m new to wordpress. Bascially, by service provider gave me a script that installed wordpress onto my existing site. I created the site several years ago Everything went fine, however I’m not really sure where a post or new page goes. I can log in under admin and create new pages and posts, but then when I view it, it points me to my home page of the original site. I guess I’m missing two things. 1) the actual url to my new post or page. And of course 2) I’m assuming I will need to make a link on my existing site that moves over to the blog?

    Any help would be awesomely appreciated;)

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  • The installation took place within my service provider’s control panel…and unfortunately they didn’t give me any info on what was happening or what to do next. All it told me was installation was complete. I can get into the wordpress admin dashboard and all that…but I’m just unsure what to do next.

    And when I post something and preview it…the page looks exactly like my home page. However it adds ?page_id=6 after my domain name but the page still looks the same as my index. The url looks like this: The page however, the same as my index.

    Just found out, wordpress was installed onto my site via simplescripts. Not sure if this info helps or not.

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    It seems that everything is ok.

    Ultimately this seems to be some conflict with your regular HTML website and WordPress. You could try changing the Permalink structure to see if that helps.

    Thank you, I’ll check that out. I ended up calling my service provider to see what they could tell me. He said it looks like everything installed correctly, however it installed in the root directory, so there was conflict between the my index and wordpress index.

    That brought me to ask a question about what it is I was trying to accomplish. I was thinking about completely replacing my content with wordpress as my new site. He said if that’s what I was wanted to do, I should set up a free account via and transfer everything over when I’m done designing. This way, I wouldn’t have downtime, for the exception of the upload. Does that sound like a good way to go?

    no, because you are severely limited in what you can actually design on a free account.

    you can consider installing wordpress to a subfolder then moving it up to the root directory when you’re ready.

    for now, rename index.html in your root directory and your wordpress homepage should show up.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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