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  1. Heichichi
    Posted 3 years ago #


    Ivé looked around quite a bit for a solution to my problem, which is very urgent. I noticed its a quite known problem but cant find a solution that works for me.

    The problem:
    1, Couldnt access wp-admin, solved by a workaround using wp-login instead. Not sure if this is related to nr 2.
    2, After adding the code provided by wordpress to the htcaccess and wp-config file it tells me to relog. When I try and access the login pages I immediately get redirected to the homepage.

    website is hosted on a apache virtual server.
    the path is:

    Solutions others have sniffed around:
    -Some sort of cookie that prevents/directs incorrectly after the activation and changes to htc/wp-config.
    -Flushing of DNS, clearing browser cookies.

    Please tell me if you need any other information.


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