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    Hello All,

    I just got into WordPress and have been surprised at how simple it is to set up and configure..but I’ve only installed it using Microsoft WebMatrix, which has php/mysql/etc. all bundled together and basically pre-configured. The purpose of my post is to ask about:
    A) How to do a few more things in WordPress
    B) Suggestions on where to Host the site based on reliability/ease of installation.

    So how to do things:
    1) I figured out how to set up categories and sub-categories and make those categories show up as menu items, but I want the archives to go by month but to also mimick the existing category structure instead of just lumping everything into months.

    2) Is there a plugin that will allow simple embedding of audio/video into posts that don’t require short code html? Everything I found requires some sort of short code. I don’t mind typing the short code but there are other less computer savvy people that will be posting and I’d like to make it as easy for them as possible. If it just doesn’t exist then what’s your recommended plugin for easy embedding of audio/video in your posts? We’ll also be attaching powerpoint files.

    And about hosting
    1) Is there a hosting site that is anywhere near as simple to setup WordPress as WebMatrix was to set up locally?

    2) What is the file upload limit on this hosting site and it is a royal pain to change? Since I will be uploading audio I’ll need more than 2mb!

    That’s all I can think of for now..I’m sure I’ll have alot more!

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    What is the file upload limit on this hosting site and it is a royal pain to change? Since I will be uploading audio I’ll need more than 2mb!

    A recent discussion on the topic

    There are links to plugins solutions (video included) as well as themes in the menu at the top of the page. You may also find a lot of answers to a lot of common questions in the “Docs” or Codex.

    Welcome to the WordPress Codex.

    Good reading!

    Hi Clayton thanks for your quick response. I found audio player 2.0 which does exactly what I want it to do, it adds an “audio player” button when I insert audio which automatically wraps it in shortcode. I used Flash Media Playback for the video but it doesn’t give the same button to automatically wrap the url in short code. If anyone knows one that does please let me know! I keep seeing where people say you can just upload to youtube and paste the link in HTML mode but it’s just not working for me…maybe it’s something to do with the fact that my install is on localhost and not really out there on the interwebs..not sure.

    I did read the getting started guides but they are more generic and don’t say “if you’re using GoDaddy do this….if you’re using DreamHost this is how you install and up your upload limit..etc….or You can doing using host XYZ but it’s going to take an act of congress…stuff like that :). I want some first hand knowledge before signing up for the wrong host. I need to make sure I get the speed, stability, and flexibility I need.

    OK, poking around it looks like there isn’t much of a difference between archive and’s basically just a “category” of time instead of the categories I defined, correct? So basically I can create a page, call it “archives”, then point to categories and filter..or use a plugin like Smart Archives to do it for me. I’m still trying to figure out exactly how to do this or if I need some plugin..basically I want a static page so I can put some stuff at the top, then call a filter after my static stuff is done to list posts/other items/etc. So far if I create category filters and set them up as menu items of course it just shows the posts with no static info on top.

    This will be a website for a church and I found the awesome Sermon Browser plugin which appears to create a database with pre-defined fields allowing you to plug in the pertinent information and add audio/video/powerpoint slides. This is great! This solves my issue of being able to create a static page with stuff on top, then call the shortcode [sermons <filter parameters>]

    I’d like to find another plugin however for listing bulletins in the same manner, but need to customize the fields a bit…Can anyone recommend a plugin for that? Again, I’m trying to make this as simple to update/maintain as possible. I really like the idea of setting it up once, then just sticking short code in a page with a couple filters/parameters..or even like the Sermon Browser does where it allows the user to select the filter criteria.

    ok I think the get posts plugin will get me the static page with posts below like I wanted! something like
    [get posts post_category=2 <other parameters>] would do the trick!

    So now It’s just a matter of finding a plugin that will allow me to make a custom table.

    correction..not just a custom table but a custom SEARCHABLE table. I found a plugin called WP-Table that seems to do the custom table part and something called Search Unleashed that will search the table IF I add some php file with some addtional code in it. Is there a better way? And for some reason I’m not able to edit my posts..otherwise I wouldn’t keep typing new ones.

    please delete this post as I’m just talking to myself at this point.

    I got the site up at and the rest of my questions will be regarding plugins. I’ll post in the plugins section and hope I get better responses there.

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