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  1. barwick
    Posted 5 years ago #

    On my blog, http://www.motorcityfitness.com - I had wordpress installed in the root directory. I put together a splash page and named it index.html - it works fine, and has links in it to 5 of my pages, which were also directly off the root directory (well, wordpress interpreted them that way anyhow).

    Now, I moved wordpress into a folder named /mcf and it works fine in there, when I go to http://www.motorcityfitness.com/mcf - wordpress comes up. If I go to http://www.motorcityfitness.com - the splash page comes up.

    However, the splash page is still referencing the original paths to those 5 pages ("in" the root directory), which *shouldn't* work, but, for some reason, it does work. These pages respond to either /page or /mcf/page - either of those works. Can someone explain why? I don't mind leaving it this way, but I don't want it to suddenly stop working some day without any warning...

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