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  • newbie here, this question most likely have been asked … but going to about 11 pages of installation forum, hard to find a similar case.

    here is my scenario: I just installed wordpress.
    I go to the admin page, it will display index listing of files only:
    I have to manually enter index.php to get to the admin login. AFterwhich, I can see the dashboard. I have not done anything yet and wanted to see how the homepage displays. (I see some comments I can see the default after install — maybe not?)

    When I go to the homesite, it is the same case, it will only show listing of files. If I manutall enter index.php, nothing changes.
    Index list still is displayed.
    Is there a setting to display the “default template” I selected during installation ?
    Thanks in advance.

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  • What’s the URL of your site?

    This might be a long-shot, but the only reason that I can see for this happening is that your web hosting company hasn’t got index.php set up as an index file for your account. If that’s the case, that’s something that they will need to fix up (you can’t do it yourself with a normal account).

    I agree with Michael here. Just to test this out, using an FTP client upload a file to the root of your website with just <h1>hello World!</h1>.

    After uploading the file, try to access the website. If you can see the Hello World, then it is what Michael is saying, i.e. web hosting provider configuration issue.

    Newbie here as well – I had exactly the same problem as described above by rodppp. Suggested solution you guys provided was exactly right. My web host is – the support guy followed recommendation above and it was fixed in two minutes. Thanks very much!

    I hope that is indeed the only issue, I was more concerned that even if I do index.php in my url, it still does not show up the default template.

    thank you michael and john; I will report with my hosting company.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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