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  • Just installed 1.2. I’m new to WordPress; it looks good so far, except that nothing is working.
    When I make a new post, WordPress sees it in the database. However, it doesn’t create any files, so when I try to click on the post name, I get a 404. It’s installed in subfolder /wp of the main root folder; I told it to set the main blog page at the root of the website, and when I click “View site” I get a 404. I’m also unable to log out; it just puts me right back at the “Write post” tab.
    Please help!

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  • Hmmm, sorry no can help you (hint: I can see your post but when I click on “Anonymous” nothing happens 😉

    I usually donate heavily to open source projects that I like, such as Mozilla and Audacity. I would have been more than happy to do the same for WordPress as it looked like the sort of blogging system I wanted. But your condescending response, combined with this project’s lack of any sort of a manual, or a FAQ with more than a couple of answers in it, or a ReadMe with any sort of troubleshooting information in it, or even a set of guidelines for the forum, has pretty much put me off of WordPress completely. Thanks a lot.

    @anon – I’m sure you must appreciate that having a link to someone’s site helps hugely when asking for help in tracking down errors, and Beel was simply making the point that no link makes providing any help nigh on impossible, after all, where would we start ?
    As for a lack of Docs, this is, and has been for a while, being addressed. Having said that, there is a wealth of information in the Wiki, by searching this forum and by checking the sites of the most frequent posters here by clicking on their names.
    If you would give a link, you will find that much help does come your way – honest 🙂

    Podz, thanks for the polite response. Again, I do appreciate any assistance offered. I understand that none of you, not even the developers, are really getting compensated for any of this. However, I don’t feel there’s ever any call for being rude and/or patronizing, whatever the situation.
    The website in question is but in this particular situation, that’s unfortunately not going to be very useful information. Since WordPress is unable to create any files, the only thing on the website that it’s possible to access is the WordPress control panel. If there’s something to be gleaned from anything non-confidential in my WP setup that’s not publically accessible, let me know and I’ll post it.

    It looks to be a simple problem with your permalink structure as works just fine. I take it you created you htaccess file? Maybe we should take a look at what you have there.

    OK, I’ve reinstalled WP in the root folder, and now everything works fine. Same permalink structure as before.
    Thanks for all the help!


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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