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    Regarding the TOP Sites URL list plugin I got all excited when I thought I had at last found a Top Site List plugin for WordPress (and with a name like ‘TOP Sites URL list’ how could I go wrong?)

    Ok, I installed, activated, authorized (GA), and then configured the plugin but after that I ran out of things to do and places to check to hit the ground running with this plugin. Oh, and I found the widget and placed that in my sidebar but all I’m seeing it displaying is an erroneously truncated title (the first 3 or 4 characters of the title are lopped off(?)) of one of my site’s pages (?) Now I’m here feeling like I was left in the lurch without proper instructions and guidance (?)

    If this is a ‘Top Site List’ type plugin I would expect somewhere to go to add links, titles, banners, and descriptions for the sites I want appearing on my list (?) I’ve searched and searched through the admin panel without luck and the instructions I’ve seen (and believe me, I’ve scoured everywhere)

    I thought I caught wind of this plugin displaying the top PAGES on the blog (?) Is that ALL it does or can I add external sites to add to the list? Where? How? If it’s just a top PAGES list plugin then I’ve wasted my time here. If it truly does what its name implies then HOW do I get it going displaying the 40 or so site links I wish to add to me top site list?

    Any Help or Hints Would Be Greatly Appreciated – Thanks!

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    Ok, well I know that answers won’t come fast here so I guess I’ll mess around with this plugin for about another 20 or so minutes and then if nothing has been resolved then it’ll be time to deactivate it (until someone explains to me the proper way to use this plugin) Thanks!

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