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  • I’m working a dev website. Everything is working perfectly.

    the test website is

    Particularly the Homepage built-in (responsive) slider was working. I’ve installed a few different plugin with no problem. However, once I installed the NextGEN Gallery (for photo widgets) I got some jquery errors.
    var overlay = $(‘<div id=”galleryOverlay”>’),
    jQuery(“#gallery .touch-item”).touchTouch();

    I thought that maybe the Gallery might have conflicting functions.

    so I unplug NextGEN. Then I installed Event Expresso plugin.
    (side note: homepage slider works without these plugin installed, but I definitely need the event plugin – so something in the plugin is conflicting with the jquery)

    And the homepage slider still doesn’t work and i get a console error of
    var placeholders = $([]),

    I heard there are some new jquery conflict with the new wordpress 3.6.1. Not sure if it’s true. I just don’t know how to fix it at the point. I’m still trying to comb the internet for solution and decided to post here incase someone has already gone through with this scenario?

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    Probably, NextGEN Gallery plugin causing conflict between other plugin(s)/your current theme…

    to test try:

    -deactivating ALL plugins temporarily to see if this resolves the problem. If this works, re-activate them individually (one-by-one) to find the problematic plugin(s). If you can’t get into your admin dashboard, try deactivating via FTP or SFTP or whatever file management application your host provides. If applicible, also remember to deactivate any plugins in the mu-plugins folder. The easiest way is to rename that folder to mu-plugins-old.
    – To rule out any theme-specific issue, try switching to the unedited default theme for a moment using the WP dashboard. If you don’t have access to your admin area, you can switch to the default theme by renaming your current theme’s folder in wp-content/themes and adding “-old” to the end of the folder name using via FTP or SFTP or whatever file management application your host provides. Alternately, you can remove other themes except the default theme. That will force your site to use it.

    Hi Tara,

    Thanks for your help. I already deleted all the other themes. Because all the other themes doesn’t have the homepage slider that I want.

    So I deactivated ALL plugins. My current theme and I activated Event Expresso, and my homepage slider is not functioning.

    Only my theme and one plugin I get from my firebug console
    var placeholders = $([]),

    I’m thinking it’s my theme….maybe my jquery in my theme.

    I’m not sure how to go about fixing this. I have to start digging into jquery….not familiar with it at this point. Any suggestions for immediate fix?

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    Event Expresso is a theme.
    My suggestion is to contact the theme’s developer.

    Hi Tara,

    I did the test, and the theme developer said they don’t support 3rd party plugins.

    Anyhow, I had another old website in a domain name that was going to expired. I Installed the Event Expresso (which is a plugin) And everything worked.

    However, when I upgrade WordPress to 3.6.1 that is when I got an error with my jquery. This is a different theme, but same issue with WORDPRESS 3.6.1 and jquery slider.

    So I think I’m going to revert back to WordPress 3.5 or so.

    I did get this warning where the slider should be

    It looks like you are using an old version (1.10.2) of the jQuery library. LayerSlider requires at least version 1.7.2 or newer. If you are using the WordPress version of LayerSlider, you can try out the “jQuery Updater” plugin from the WP plugin depository. If you don’t know what to do, you can write us a private message from our CodeCanyon profile page. We need a temporary WP admin account (or a temporary FTP account in some cases) to solve this issue.

    So my 2 options are:

    1) Revert back to wordpress 3.5
    2) Try to upgrade the jquery, which I don’t know how. I will need to search the web for help. I know html, css, some php. I will eventually learn jquery, I just don’t know it Now.

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    Hi tara,

    It didn’t work.

    I’m going to look into reverting back to wordpress 3.5…I didn’t backup everything. I installed a plugin that had some backup challenges. I now use BackWPup. I wish I used it back then….

    I’m also going to contact event expresso to see if they have a solution.

    Otherwise, I will have to look for another similar theme and redo everything.

    I just wish I knew more about jquery right now.

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    try adding this to your theme’s functions.php:

    add_action( 'init', 'jquery_register' );
            // register from google and for footer
    function jquery_register() {
    if ( !is_admin() ) { 
        wp_deregister_script( 'jquery' );
    wp_register_script( 'jquery', ( '' ), null );	
        wp_enqueue_script( 'jquery' );

    Hi Tara,

    I add that in the wp-content/themes/theme1887/function.php file and it had an error. where should I put it exactly?

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    Put it anywhere in your theme’s functions.php
    I use it myself and works for me without any problem.


    I had the same problem and I only had to install jQuery Updater pluggin and it works like charm !!! .. You can download plugin here


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