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  • I already have an existing site at that I built a while back using CSS/HTML. I want to transfer all of that data and info over to a new site using WordPress, but I can’t have our site be down while I do that. What I’m wondering is if it’s possible to install WordPress into my existing host/domain, have my current site remain active, configure the WordPress site by slowly transferring things over, and then somehow make the WordPress site the primary site and get rid of the old outdated pages. Is this possible? Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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  • Are you wanting to replace the site you have with a WordPress site?
    or are you wanting to keep your existing site and have WP sitting in a subdirectory – so it would be something like

    If you are wanting to replace your existing site with a WP site, the easiest and least risky way would be to firstly run WordPress on your local machine, setting up each page by copying the content from the live version of the site.

    Bare in mind: if you used a one-click-install on your hosting control panel, it could remove all of your current site (wipe it out). So be very careful.

    What I want is to set up our current site in a wordpress format, without having the main page go down. So I think installing it locally, configuring all the pages/layout, then transferring it to my host is what I want to do. Is that even possible, to get the site how I want it on my local machine then somehow transfer it over to my host? How would I even go about transferring things over so that the links and everything work??? I’ve only installed wordpress using the one-click options (on other pages) so I’m not familiar with how I would do this…Thanks!

    Read up on running WP locally;
    Look for ‘Installing WordPress on your own Computer’

    Cool, I’ve installed it locally. How do I go about transferring everything over though once I’ve formatted it on my local machine?

    The method I use is the ‘Duplicator’ plugin, which is freely available in the plugins directory –
    Follow the information, and you will need to have your MySQL DataBase setup, along with the details of the Database name, username & password.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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