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[Ndizi project management] Installation/Use Questions

  • Hi and thank you for the plugin.

    I’m having some problems. I Downloaded, installed and activated plugin, but am not seeing anything different from in WordPress. Seems like I should see a widget or setting or something. Uninstalled and reinstalled, same thing.

    http://www.highway20.net is the site and it is hosted at MediaTemple on the GS grid service.

    Would sure love to get off the ground here, please advise.

    Thank you, Erik

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  • It should give you a ‘Ndizi’ entry along the left hand side of your admin screen. Is that not showing up for you? What other plugins do you have activated? What version of WP are you running?

    this is what i have:

    WP is the current version 3.1.1

    much thanks

    For the sake of all that’s holy, close some of your menus! Too much clutter!

    The Ndizi menu should be its own top level item, beneath the ‘Settings’ item.

    they were expanded only so that you could see what was there or what isnt there.

    nothing under settings.

    Then I’m not entirely sure, it’s likely another plugin trying to take over more than it should be alotted. I’d need to log in and check the code directly to know more.

    i can send you a login. please email your contact to erik@higway20.net

    i’d sure appreciate it … would like to be leveraging WP as much as possible on the site.

    i disabled most every plugin and reinstalled, but no luck.

    having the same issue on a fresh install of wordpress

    What OS, PHP Version, MySQL version, WP version are you running under?

    Could you take a look at your DB and see if the tables are correctly set up?

    Try checking the plugin files to ensure all the permissions are set correctly.



    Same issue:

    OS Win XP

    PHP version 4.3.11 and MySQL version 4.1.14

    WP 3.1.3

    George Stephanis


    Try again with the current version of ndizi. If it’s still acting up then, let me know.

    I think that it’s an issue with your outdated PHP version. WordPress doesn’t actively support PHP4 any longer, I believe.




    I’ve just installed the plugin and I can see the sidebar where I can create projects, tasks and so on.
    I don’t understand if it is possible to have a page with the list of the projects and some view about them. I mean, something different from the side bar in the dashboard, I’d like to have them in a page of the blog, without the need to use the dashboard.


    It’s possible, it’s just not something that’s in the plugin currently. There are a lot of hooks and actions in it currently so any half-competent developer should be able to step in and add a shortcode to display whatever data you like in whatever manner you prefer.

    OK, thanks, for your answer.
    Unfortunately I’m not a developer, so it could be almost impossible for me, but I’ll give it a try.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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