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    Hello everybody,
    In the company where I work, it was decided to develop the company site with Sql server installation.

    On my own I have always used the classic Mysql for installations in WP and I have no experience of any other installations with different databases, I tried to search the net but I could not find anything.

    Can any of you tell me if it is possible to do it? and if yes, how?

    Thank you very much for helping!

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  • WordPress officially only supports MySQL (and other MySQL flavors like MariaDB). Please see:

    You’re free to go against the official requirements and use whatever database or web server you want, but please understand that your support options will be very, very limited and you’ll essentially be on your own. Your inability to find meaninful search results should serve as a cautious note.

    There are third-party tools like ProjectNami that provide a database abstraction layer for MSSQL (and other database servers), allowing you to run WordPress with MSSQL.

    The last time I took a look at ProjectNami for a client project, lots of plugins were broken. I don’t know the state of the project now, but be sure to read their caveat on plugins. (Note the same plugin compatibility concern will apply if you use one of those so-called “application themes” that do things a plugin should be doing, eg LMS themes, biz directory themes, etc).

    Good luck!

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    Can any of you tell me if it is possible to do it? and if yes, how?

    It’s not possible and you’ll just hurt yourself trying. Badly. True story.

    MSSQL is not supported and even if you somehow get past the install, many other things will break. Please install MySQL and use that instead.

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    Ok thanks a lot to everyone for the support!

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