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  • Site url?

    What you are seeing there is a directory listing of the files that are in your main root folder. This is shown when there’s no index file in that directory (of course, for a more secure site you’d have directory listing turned off, but that’s a question for another time).

    Because you can see the ‘index.php file in that direcotry listing, your server should have executed that and shown the system. Because it didn’t I’d be a bit concerned. The smallest problem could be that your hosting comapny didn’t add ‘index.php’ to the list of index files for your hosting account. The biggest problem could be your hosting company doesn’t support PHP so nothing is being run.

    To test thatPHP is actually working, go to

    If you see the install wizard, then PHP is working. If you see something that starts with:

    <?php /** * Front to the WordPress application.

    That means that your host doesn’t have PHP enabled (or possible available) for your hosting account and you won’t be able to run WordPress without getting them to change that.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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