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    What do I need to know about a home server to determine whether or not I can install WordPress on it?

    My kids’ sports team is interested in using WordPress. I’ve installed it with cpanel and PHPMyAdmin (and a lot of help from Podz’ WordPress guides) so I figured I could do it, but then I learned the site wouldn’t be hosted on a commercial web host! What to do???

    I read the “Things You Need to Know Before You Install WordPress” and “The Minimum Requirements to Run WordPress” articles in the codex. So I know I need

    PHP 4.1 or greater
    MySQL 3.23.23 or greater
    The mod_rewrite Apache module

    I searched the forum, too, in case there was anything else, but nothing came up for “Home Server” or “server.”

    So tell me if there’s anything else, anything unique to a home server that I’ll need to know before I tell these people either “yes, we can do it” or “no way, Jose, let’s put this baby on a commercial web host instead.”

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  • I think you would need to search for the term “local install” but I can’t get any searches to work right now.

    Installing on a home server shouldn’t be too different from installing elsewhere. The main differences are likely to be:

    • No CPanel
    • No PHPMyAdmin unless you/the owner of the server install it

    The main problem that you are likely to come up against is that if the server is behind a firewall and/or a router performing NAT then you will need to do some extra setup on any other machines on the same network as the home server to enable access to the site from them.

    This post may be of help in this respect –

    hope this helps

    Thank you, Oriecat, for a better search term! Last night NOTHING came back on any of my search terms. Using the right vocabulary is everything.

    Thanks, Westi, for your help, too. These forums are great!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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