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  • docvino


    I just installed a blog to my subdomain. But when I go to install and enter all info there are images missing.

    The logo on the admin login page shows only half. some images in the wp admin area don’t show. Also the basic theme for wordpress is not showing background.

    When I click on themes on the left link, no images show there. I uploaded another theme and the same thing happens, nothing shows properly.

    I tried on both firefox and IE. I installed 2.8.6 and thought that was the issue so i tried older versions. Same problem nothing is working properly…

    No images, no logos, and no theme background. I have tried uploading many times on few versions.

    Can anyone help. Also I am using filezilla to upload, any other suggestions for ftp.


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  • golem200002000


    Hi docvino,

    Just replied to another post.

    Sometimes when u ftp, the css file goes missing. (No idea why but it happens, hopefully someone can shed some light on this)

    What you need to do is re-download the current installation of wordpress and look out for the css folder.

    What i can suggest is that you maunually transfer the contents of the CSS folder located in wp-admin/css to the wp-admin folder in your installation.

    Hope this helps

    Regards and happy blogging



    Thanks for the response… But I figured it out after HOURS…

    All I had to so was change the transfer to binary, I had it set on ASCII…

    Something so simple took foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….





    These things happen sometimes

    Glad you sorted it out.

    Happy blogging



    may i know whats the ‘transfer to binary’ thing? i have replaced the css but still do not work, i get the same black text blue links no images etc problem as well, but i installing under subdomain though,.. o man its been hours still cant solve..



    Hi benson,

    Do make a check if the files are placed in the appropriate folders.

    Hope this helps


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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