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  • I have no idea if people still get confused with this but I got it working and though I’d post updated instructions.

    1. Download the plugin and save it on your desktop or something.
    2. Unzip the plugin.
    3. Open up rename-xml-rpc.php and change line 14 (where there’s a comment with a misspelled word “poiting” should be “pointing”). I simply renamed it to xmlrpc_wp.php. You can do the same.
    4. Save the changes and rezip the plugin.
    5. In your WordPress directory (top-level), find the file xmlrpc.php.
    6. Rename xmlrpc.php to xmlrpc_wp.php (or whatever you have in step 3 above).
    7. Log into your admin dashboard. Go and upload the plugin (the one you changed and is currently saved on your desktop) to your blog using the “Add New Plugin > Upload Plugin” tool.
    8. Activate the plugin.

    That’s it! If you’re a bit more saavy, you could’ve skipped the download to your desktop steps and simply edited the file in the Plugin Editor tool.

    For me, even after doing this, I couldn’t login on the WordPress app (I could get to the login screen on the app). The reason was two-fold: first, I disabled XMLRPC through WP Security. The second is because I was using a custom captcha and that blocked all login attempts. Once I disabled the custom captcha, everything worked fine. I guess I should stick to the Google capcha :S

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  • I appreciate you sharing the instructions! This did not work with A2 hosting, however. They (support) had to enable XML RPC.. regardless of name.

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