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    I have some troubles in making a new Wp installation in a folder called /test

    I have already a WP installation in the root

    I need to create a new test area in which I upload some different files of the theme

    I have copied all files to /test

    I have uploaded new file of the theme in their right folder

    In /test/wp-config.php I leaved the same data (da name, user and password) to connect to db.

    But when I write the url with /test/index.php it gives the theme but with an error page (404).

    Do I need to make an export/import of the db?


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    Your OP is not clear.

    Have you created a separate Database for this “test” installation?

    No. I have tried to use the same one

    hi bobrock4,

    you definitely can use same DB for both WP installations.

    All you need to do is change the table prefix value in wp-config file in second installation (/test/)

    then database remains same, tables are separate for each wp install.

    Hi yoga,

    I have tried to do that.

    I have left the same db name, the same user name for the db, the same password of the db

    But every page of /test installation shows the right template but error 404 in content

    One thing to check is that the .htaccess file is set up for the sub-domain. The easy way to do this is to reset your permalinks. By doing this it will re-generate your .htaccess file and most likely set the links set up to point to the correct place.

    I have found the solution.

    I created a copy of the first database with and export/import.

    I needed to change all permalinks using /test/

    Thanks to all for your replies

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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